We'd just like to point out that this is the first "news" update in over six months.  Getting closer!  We're playing at The Elevens this Sunday.  You'll try to make it, right?

We'd just like to point out that this is the first "news" update in over three years.  We would also like to point out that we have three shows this month.  So it's all a rich tapestry.

What, you thought that our hiatus would prevent us from putting on yet another Holiday Depression Spectacular?  Pfft!  Thursday, December 9 at Flywheel (in Easthampton, MA, our home away from a home away from home).  We encourage you to attend and throw things.

Our first show in almost three months!  Woo!  Come to the Schoolhouse in Hadley (30 West St., Hadley, MA) and celebrate with us -- Saturday, August 14, 8:00pm.

Inexplicably, Barn Owl is playing at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA, on Thursday, April 22nd.  Also on the bill are Cyclub and Bears.  Click on that there Cyclub link to see pictures of Matt wearing a feather boa (he was their drummer for a brief period, hence the presence on their site).  Apparently this show is being co-sponsored by Budweiser..."Bud True Music"...what the fuck does that mean? 

We're releasing another EP soon, this time on the Belgian label Imvated Records.  Should be out by the end of the year.

Two recent Barn Owl-related TV occurances: 

1) drummer/electronicist Matt was featured on VH-1 as part of the One-Hit Wonders countdown.  Seriously.  He was 12 years old at the time. 

2) as heard on a Buffy The Vampire Slayerrerun: "Don't you be that kind of Barn Owl!"  I dunno who he was talking to, but we're sorry, we can't help but be that kind of Barn Owl. 

Other stuff:  no midwest tour, but we're playing 1/31/04 at the Eagles' Nest in Northampton with Meathawk and Sunburned Hand Of The Man.  We're also about to commence the recording of an album.  And we're featured on Rap Pouch, another fabulous Breaking World Records release. 

Our third annual Holiday Depression Spectacular is all set for December 5 at Flywheel.  Killer lineup, too.  If you miss it, you'll be so sad that not even a pop-up Hallmark can fix it.  Speaking of things you'll be sad if you miss them (and speaking of awkwardly-phrased sentences), Barn Owl will be touring the midwest in February.  Will post details as they become available.  No, seriously.

10/7/03  We're building a casino!
No, not really.  Anyway, we're looking forward to our October 12 show with Larry Marotta (he scored a few Buster Keaton films that were recently shown on TNT!) and Paradise Camp 23 (our favorite noisy friends).

9/17/03  The mummy's ready for his mystical journey!
Hmm, it's been awhile since we updated the page.  Performances are afoot all through the end of the year.  And we should have a 7" out by the end of the year too.  Drummer Matt is preparing for a solo tour in late October, as well as getting ready to record with Tizzy; guitarist Chris and his band Fat Worm Of Error are storming backyard sheds throughout Western Mass; and bassist Andy...well, we love Andy.

7/11/03  Pressed peanut sweepings
Thanks to everyone who showed up to our surprise show at Bar 19 in Northampton this week!  It surprised the hell outta us.  So what's up with Barn Owl?  Lessee, a show on 7/17 at the Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY.  Plus, a possible tour in October, and maybe...just maybe...a small part in a documentary film about new music.  Seriously.

A slew of shows coming up, and we're particularly excited about playing with legendary saxophonist Paul Flaherty on April 27! 

After having sold out of the first two runs of My Very First Barn Owl EP, we're pleased to announce another batch has come in.  We'll have them at our shows.  We promise.  What's that?  You can't wait for the next Barn Owl show?  Then go see Fat Worm Of Error (featuring Barn Owl guitarist Chris Cooper and Barn Owl EP artwork-designer Jess Goddard) opening for Deerhoof on 4/25 at Flywheel.

Thanks to everyone who came to our CD release concert!  If you don't yet have your very own little copy of My Very First Barn Owl EP, go to the Crank Satori site and order it now.  The perfect soundtrack for icy sidewalks.

We're playing at Flywheel in Easthampton, MA on 3/16/03 with Ben Karetnick's WOMaD (Weapons Of Mass Destruction), Seth Misterka, and Diagram A.  And our drummer Matt Weston is playing solo 3/5/03 at Flywheel with Jason Kahn, nmperign, Jason Lescalleet, Vic Rawlings, and Paz.

We're celebrating the release of "My Very First Barn Owl EP" this Monday, Jan. 13 at Flywheel with two Providence bands: Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment and Knifestorm.  It'll be more fun than an afternoon with Batman.

11/22/02  I have got to do something about that air conditioner suction.
Another show coming up at Flywheel, this time with our fave Boston kids Greg Kelley and Mike Bullock, plus our favorite loud psychedelicists Paradise Camp 23.  And, we found out yesterday, My Very First Barn Owl EP is out now!  Go here to buy it or, better yet, come to our show and we'll autograph it for you.  No, not really.

We had fun playing the Northampton Music Festival on 10/4.  Our first-ever show in a bowling alley/sports bar, and under disco lights so amazing they make you want to use the word "fabulous" as an insult.  We're currently getting ready for our SECOND ANNUAL HOLIDAY DEPRESSION SPECTACULAR! to be held at Flywheel 12/14/02.  We're also gonna be playing Flywheel in November.  Not sure exactly when yet.  We'll let you know.  If you're lucky.

9/17/02  Why is that mirror sneezing?
Not much Barn Owl activity lately, but tonight we're returning to Flywheel with Pazza Ragazza (scary rock) and The Fucking Sparklies (nice outfits).  We'll tell you how it went later.  Barn Owl drummer Matt Weston is now also the guitarist in legendary Northampton pop-punkers Tizzy.  Go see Tizzy and shout.

7/24/02  Unnecessary Surgery Land
Due to an air-conditioner malfunction, and the urgent need to get it fixed, our show at Milagro's in Tivoli, NY has bee moved yet again to Thursday, August 8.  Sadly, Chris Cooper will be in Jerry Lewis Land (aka France), so it'll just be Andy Crespo and Matt Weston.  You know you'll be there.

BIG NEWS concerning the EP: it's actually happening!  Chicago-based label Crank Satori has agreed to release My Very First Barn Owl EP on 3" cd-r.  Should be out by the end of the year.  Plus, we're thinking of releasing a box set of some of our shows on 3" cd-r's.  Send us an e-mail and we'll put you on our mailing list and keep you more updated that you ever thought possible.

6/17/02  I'm cold, and there are wolves after me
Our show at Milagro's in Tivoli, NY has been moved to July 4.  The rest of July and all of August looks like it'll be pretty quiet in the Republic of Barn Owl, as far as performances go, so we'll be focusing on the phantom EP that seems to have gone missing, and plans for a full-length CD.  Or LP.  Or a 7".    We're still fighting about that. 

6/3/02  I could sure go for a can of corn
Wow, long time since we updated this page...lessee, in the last month we had shows at the Schoolhouse in Hadley (thank you Ben George Seven), Mystery Train in Amherst, and a loft space in Providence, RI.  That last one was particularly good -- our first show where we got heckled!  We felt like Kermit facing off against Statler & Waldorf.  Anyway, June's gonna be busy for us: 6/23/02 at Flywheel as part of an all-day noise festival; 6/27/02 at Milagro's in Tivoli, NY as part of the Thursday Night Special series; and 6/29/02 at the Vermont Jazz Center (the chewiest of jazz centers) in Brattleboro, VT.  And don't forget to go here to vote for Barn Owl in the "free jazz - new music" category! 

4/29/02  My cat's name is Mittens
Our show at Capo's 4/13 rocked, despite the sound of the room which made us disoriented and slightly nauseous.  Thank you to Kristin Coia for organizing the Soft Sounds Music Series; hopefully it will continue in it's quietly sinister fashion.

Our debut release My Very First Barn Owl E.P. is nearing completion.  We're still waiting on the guy who drew Yes' album covers to finish the cover art.  We also have tentative plans to do a couple of shows with post-punk performance artists Suran Song In Stag.  We're thinking maybe Baltimore, maybe Northampton, MA...send us an e-mail and we'll send you more information than you could possibly want about any upcoming shows.

4/10/02  Spinning Newspaper Injures Printer
On 4/4/02 we played at Flywheel with shhhhh acoustic post-rockers Town & Country and really loud guitar duo Johnny T & Space Nace.  There was a problem.  We were late.  So the audience had to make do with Ren & Stimpy cartoons during the delay.  Then we played our longest set ever.  Forty minutes.  Whew.

So we opened up the Valley Advocate today, and AAAAAAA what the hell?!  It's l'il ol' Barn Owl.  Thank you Fafnir for taking our picture. 

We hope to see everyone at Capo's this Saturday (4/13) for the Barn Owl installment of the Soft Sounds Music Series curated by Kristin Coia (whose band Pazza Ragazza is scary rock).  Our sounds of noivim should begin around 11:00-11:15pm or so.

3/25/02  BarnOwlRocks.com ... woo-hoo!
Our site is up.  Now we play for you. 

Our CD EP "My Very First Barn Owl EP" will theoretically be released...um...soon.  We hope.  In the meantime, head over to the sounds page to download your very own Barn Owl music to keep you awake for at least 3 minutes.

Yay shows in the near future: Wednesday April 3 at Flywheel opening for happy fun post-rockers Town & Country; and Saturday April 13 at Capo's in Easthampton, part of the highly successful Soft Sounds Music Series.